Timing is everything

Timing is amazing, isn’t it? Timing is the difference between a home run or a strike out. Timing is the difference between catching a touchdown or dropping a pass. Timing is the difference that changes so many things in our daily life. It could be the perfect pitch, the right pitch, but if your swing is not in the right timing, it doesn’t matter how good the pitch, you will miss. This same principle applies to our lives. Timing is everything. Even if it is a God moment, the perfect relationship, the perfect job, if our timing is outside the timing of God, it won’t work. The RIGHT thing at the WRONG time, will end up being the wrong thing. 

There is a very intersting passage in 1 Samuel chapters 7-8, it would be too much to quote so read it for yourself. But the summary is; Israel wants a king, but they have never had a king before. God has always been there king and leader, but they wanted to be like all the other nations. So they began to beg God and beg Samuel the prophet to give them a king. God decided to give them their wish, and they picked Saul for their king. Who was tall, good looking, and good in battle. They didn’t want to wait on God and have His choice, so God gave them what they wanted. The rest is history when it comes to King Saul and the state of Israel under his reign. Here is a few thoughts from this passage that really stuck out to me during my devotions:

1. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR // I wonder how often we REALLY want something; really ask God for something, and when he says no we think he is trying to hurt us. We need to trust that God wants to give us great things in our lives. He wants more for us than we want for ourselves. Sometimes when we think God is REJECTING us, in reality he is just PROTECTING US. When God says no there is probably a good reason.

2. YOU ARE UNIQUE// I think it is note worthy that this entire fiasco happened because Israel wanted to be just like every other nation. They wanted a king because everyone else had a king. Your relationship is unique, you don’t have a group relationship with God. Its personal. Just you and Him. There might be things in our life that God will let him/her do or have, that he won’t let you do or have. Not because God is partial to individuals but he is specific with individuals. We must not compare our process to someone else process, because our destination is not their destination.

3. TIMING IS EVERYTHING// Trust in the timing of God. Its crazy to think about while Israel was choosing Saul and not trusting in God, He was already choosing David and preparing him in the fields with the sheep. While Israel was screwing up, God was already figuring out the solution to the mess. We must continually remind ourselves that God is big, his plans are big, and we have no idea what He is doing in the dark. We don’t know what He is doing behind the curtains, but we can have faith that it will be great! God is for you not against you, he is working on your behalf to help you succeed not fail. 


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