Have you recently looked around at the world we live in? Especially the western side of the world, and noticed our human propensity to become consumed with trends? When you think of groupies you usually tend to think of teenagers being obsessed with a band or a pop star, but I think it goes well beyond teenagers. Even adults can become obsessed with the trends going on, whether its clothes, music, or people. Really, for some people it goes beyond a trend or obsession, it becomes worship. Now, most of us wouldn’t call it this, but the bible calls it idolatry.

I recently started a new book study through the book of Romans. I believe, Romans is one of the most important books of the bible for a believer to read and understand their salvation and position in Christ.

One portion of scripture has really grabbed my spirit. Its Romans 1:21-23 Yes, they knew God, but they wouldn’t worship him as God or even give him thanks. And they began to think up foolish ideas of what God was like. As a result, their minds became dark and confused. 22 Claiming to be wise, they instead became utter fools.23 And instead of worshiping the glorious, ever-living God, they worshiped idols made to look like mere people and birds and animals and reptiles” 

Here are a few things the Lord put on my heart about this passage:

  1. Everyone is a worshipper

We are created to worship. It is in our very DNA as humans to focus on something that shapes our lives. We have a propensity to worship, we want to worship, we need to worship something. Whether that’s God, fashion, money, popularity,or a person, we are all worshipping something. How do we know what we are worshipping?  Your life shows it. You are becoming the thing or image you worship.

Author, CS Lewis says, “Worship changes the one worshipping into the One being worshipped” 

A sobering thought from CS Lewis. We can even see it in our own lives. For example, when my wife is around southern people for an extended period of time, she can’t help but start picking up their accent. Saying Ya’ll almost seems natural after a while. Or another example, being around negative people will most often bring us into a warped perspective and we may be more inclined to view things in a negative manner. No matter what our lives are meant to be moldable, and shapeable. As we worship Him, we then, become like Him.

2. Why God?

A lot of non believers I talk to ask the same question or have the same argument, ‘why does God need everyone to worship him, that seems incredibly arrogant’. It’s not that God needs the worship, it’s that there is no one else worthy of worship except God. God is eternal. Meaning he is without beginning and without end. He is timeless. God is also self-existing. God exists in and of Himself. No one else who has ever lived can say that, and be sane. He is completely independent to himself. Every plant, animal, human, anything that exist owes their existence to someone or something else. God wouldn’t be God if he needed something else to complete him.  God is the only one worthy of it.

Why should I worship? Because the created need to worship the Creator. God in His perfection is the only one that can make you, more like the you that you were created for. We were all made for a special purpose and the best place to find that purpose is when we truly engage in worship. Worship encompasses not just song and praise, but our words, actions and heart attitudes. 

3. Empty worship

Verse 23 states that people would rather worship man-made idols instead of worshiping the ever-living God. Why do we choose made-made idols and not worship the God who created creation? The man who worships another god is superior to that god he creates. We create gods so that we feel like God. We are the superior being and the one in charge. The stupidity of idolatry is that man, who is a living being, creates a god who is dead and lifeless. So we who are living end up worshipping something that is dead.

That is why we will never be fulfilled in our worship until it is directed to the One who is worthy of the worship. True worship is when the created connects to his creator. We worship a living God with a spirit that connects to ours, not an idol or a dead figure. Our God wants to be known.

As we find ourselves in His presence, and offer our lives as a living sacrifice, it is there in that place that we find ourselves in True worship.If we call ourselves Christians we must be made in His image. God will transform us into a new person as He changes the way we think. He can only change us if we fully surrender every moment, every thought and every breath to Him.

Let us start this New Year with a passion for worship in every area of our lives! Im so challenged by this passage in Romans and I hope to encourage you to take a big look at your own life and find the areas where you need to replace the god’s with The God.



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