Julia and I have just entered into a new chapter and new season for our family. Yesterday was my last day on staff at City Bible Church. I have been on staff for 8 amazing years. Maybe you have heard through the grapevine, but Julia and I are moving to Seattle to be under Judah and Chelsea Smith at The City Church.

Us moving from Portland came to a shock to a lot of people and obviously many questions came along with that shock. I want to try and answer some of the bigger questions and reasons behind this massive move.


About 2 years ago my dad, who has been the senior pastor of CBC for over 20 years decided it was time for him to step down and begin a new journey in his ministry life. Which again, was a shock to a lot of people, since it was right after him coming back from his fight with cancer. For him to leave staff of course a big change for me. Though his change affected me, it was not the reason what so ever for us moving to Seattle. Julia and I love Pastors Marc and Susan and have had an amazing relationship with them not only professionally but I’ve also known them for most of my life. We will always continue to cheer them on as they take on the new role as senior Pastors of CBC and know that they are the ones for the job! Marc and the entire staff have been very gracious and loving during this entire process. I know some people will think I have to say this, or something must have happened. None of that is true. I love CBC it has been my home since I was a child. It will always hold a special place in our hearts.


This was no small move for our family. To uproot our friendships, ministry, family, wasn’t easy but we knew this is where God was leading us. We chose Seattle for one simple reason. Pastor Judah and Chelsea. Pastor Judah has been for my entire life, an older brother and close friend. Outside of my parents, there is no one I trust and admire more than those two people. When they extended the opportunity to move there, we knew this was right for our next step. No matter what our next step looks like, Pastor Judah and Chelsea will have a massive pastoral role in it.


We are not taking a staff job or a position at The City Church. We are going there to rest and pray about our future. It’s really that simple. It’s been an incredibly crazy last four years for Julia and I, so we are taking this next season to recalibrate and get the will of God for our next season. We have some desires and dreams that we are prayerfully considering.


Thank you for standing and praying with us while we follow God and move into this next amazing season.



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