How many people do you meet, that when you ask them “how are you doing?” their response is “GREAT, I’m SO happy about today and I’m so fulfilled!”. I don’t know about you, but I don’t interact with that person on a daily basis and when I do it almost comes from a sarcastic tone.

1 Timothy 6:6 says “yet true godliness with CONTENTMENT is itself great GAIN”

What an amazing verse. Most of us when we hear the word contentment we think of laziness, giving up, or even complacency. But Paul goes as far to say that having contentment is great GAIN not lack.What would it look like if you were actually content with your life? To actually be able to say, I love my life and I am so fulfilled right now. And mean it.

I think this definition of contentment fits with what Paul is trying to say: “I’m praying for more, but I am thankful for what I have now. For what I have now, is among the things I prayed for.”

We all have a ‘then’ attached to our contentment don’t we? Once I get married THEN I will be happy. Once I get this new job THEN I will be content. I think God sometimes wants to say back to us “when is THEN?!”

So how do we actually be content with our job, relationships, our current state, and this world we live in called life?

1) live for TODAY.
Have you noticed that we are the most fleeting people ever? We never want to be where we are. When we are at work we want to be on vacation. After a few days on vacation we want to be back at work and back in the flow of life. We dream about tomorrow and have memories about yesterday, but what about today? I think one of the reasons we are rarely content is because we are rarely actually living our life. TODAY is the day the lord has made, and let us rejoice in it!

2) Trust the FAITHFULNESS of God
I think often when we don’t feel content or satisfied we take it upon ourselves to fix it. We will work harder, hustle more at work, we start looking after #1. What we are really saying is God you can’t take care of me so I will take care of myself. When we start living in today and start trusting God for our tomorrow, today gets so much better! You will feel like a completely new person when you take the weight of your life off your shoulders and put it on God. God is more invested into your future then you are. We can trust him that tomorrow is not going to be average but great. He was faithful to get you HERE, He will be faithful to get you THERE. 

3) Understand it’s a WHO not a WHAT
When we feel discontentment and dissatisfaction what do usually tend to do? We fill our life up. Get busier. It’s almost like we trick ourselves into that if my life if FULL it will be FULFILLING. Which many of us have found out, it’s a false pretense. We could be busy everyday and be incredibly lonely and unfulfilled. Jesus is the only thing that can truly give us contentment and fulfillment. We will never find what we are looking for in creation (possessions), only our creator (God). Maybe the reason why so many people, (even christians), are not truly content with today is because they have tried to find it in all the wrong places.

So the million dollar question is, how are you doing? Are you content, happy, fulfilled? Today could be a changing point in your life, to stop and examine your contentment level. In order to find true fulfillment we need to learn how to be content not just in the”THEN” but in the “NOW”.


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